Numerical Approximation of PDEs

Adaptive finite element methods are a fundamental numerical tool in science and engineering. They are known to outperform classical finite element in practice and deliver optimal convergence rates when the latter cannot. The aim of this workshop is to stimulate a fruitful discussion regarding adaptivity, error control and convergence analysis in the context of numerical approximation of PDEs.

Mar 28

‘Give me a break’. 11 most overlooked tax deductions and credits

Charitable donations, check. Student loan interest, check. Major medical expenses – you have a receipt for each doctor’s visit.

With less than a month to go until tax day, you are probably set to zero on all that could help reduce your taxes.

But unless you are an expert when it comes to IRS tax code, it is easy to forget the credits and potentially useful deductions.

“When people are rushing around, especially when they are waiting until the last minute, they can forget things that could be learned which relate to everyday life,” says Lisa Greene-Lewis, a CPA and tax expert TurboTax based in San Diego.

And these fly-under-the-radar tax breaks could save you potentially hundreds – maybe even thousands of dollars.

To help relieve the scam to pay Uncle Sam, we asked the CPAs share some of the most commonly overlooked deductions and tax credits for all, from newlyweds to new owners.

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Neglected more tax incentives for the. The newlyweds
Many people think that marriage Saint translates grand prix of savings – but which is not always the case.

Indeed, thanks to the penalty tax of marriage, you could actually pay more, as a couple, you would as individuals because you have fallen into a higher tax bracket.

“The couple two incomes [with no children] is the less favoured category of the taxpayer in the United States,” said Tom Wheelwright, Director-general of the CPA firm available wealth in Tempe, Arizona and author of ‘non-taxable wealth ‘.

Therefore, if you feel that you are taking a greater tax hit subsequently marry, see if you qualify for these deductions.

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1 expenses turned marriage of charitable donations.If you were married this year in a church or historic site, you may be able to amortize the costs that you have paid for the place as a charitable donation, said Greene-Lewis.

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Mar 27

Science-backed reasons to embrace aging

Here is a good reason to embrace the aging process: that your years increase, does your happiness.

Many of us lament on our time- but research suggests that our best years, to the less wise of happiness, are still ahead of us. In fact, the Americans 60 and more years old report better emotional health than those who are younger. In other words, it is time to stop dreading birthdays and start actually celebrate their.

If you still need convincing, Happify, a site dedicated to helping people acquire skills for happiness through activities focused on science and games, broke down all the reasons that we should adopt more and more old (and how to do it). Take a look at the graphic below. It is the perfect reminder that age really is just a number.

-Holmes Lindsay

More Happify:
Activities focused on science and games to stimulate happiness
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Mar 26

The nightmare of the Prison for people with mental illness

The treatment of prisoners with mental illness often is not medieval barbarian. Here’s what needs to stop.

At one point in 1970 the decision was taken to close the State mental health institutions. Much of this was motivated by the community mental health act in 1963. Reports at the time indicated significant abuse of patients and a general lack of credible mental health. The idea was that funds would be redirected from the States to local communities to manage and monitor the needs of individuals with mental health problems. Unfortunately, it never happened this transfer of funds and local communities were simply overwhelmed.

The result was that many people with mental illnesses were found in the prison system. Systems underfunded and undermanned without training who were primarily focused on incarceration, rather than the needs of anyone with a health condition defined by mental illness.

Do worsen, inmates suffering from mental illness, often found their condition aggravated and amplified by their incarceration. Imagine a person who suffers from depression or bipolar disorder in a hostile environment and restrictive. The new solution in fact created considerable problems and ignored a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court.

Essentially what happened is the trans-institutionalization of mental illness, from hospitals to prisons. And prisoners with mental health conditions are suffering greatly. Some become withdrawn and others are in solitary confinement, intended as a protective measure. According to a report presented by the University of Pennsylvania in February 2011: “incarceration has a solid relationship with subsequent mood disorders linked to the feeling ‘ down ‘, including major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and dysthymia.”

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Mar 25

Eileen Buckley – EdTech CEO and former school administrator

Eileen Buckley of Murphy, former manager of CPS and founder of ThinkCERCA, has developed a framework that gives teachers a common language and set of practices that can be implemented through different subjects for education regardless of the classroom set up. In this Q&A, you talk about implementing new systems through EdTech in schools.

What are the challenges to the implementation of new systems in the schools of learning?
It is important to ensure that education technology solutions are not only “one size fits all.” The needs of children across the nation vary widely depending on student readiness, interest, even access to technology. A company edtech needs to work within many different implementation models to make it work for children as well as teachers, in order to empower teachers in their classrooms and help them ignite learning.

At ThinkCERCA, we use the analogy of Lego.Show us a variety of images “out of the box”, but provide flexibility for teachers to customize, create whatever makes the most sense for their students.

What does reform need teaching?
Nationally, schools need to provide children with new skills to deal with a changing world: critical thinking, literacy and problem-solving skills are what will allow today’s children to succeed in tomorrow’s world. The people who are equipped with the ability to solve this problem are teachers. Teachers are the greatest reformers there are-are the ones with the power to shape student learning. Technology should support the teaching, which is still the work of a human thought, but should also support the overall plan for the school as an organization.

Sometimes, people think that edtech is to replace the teacher outside the classroom with a computer screen. This is not the case.EdTech is a tool for teachers to move inside the House, creating a more interactive learning space where you can interact with students on a more personal level. EdTech ThinkCERCA tools like enhance teachers. Spark debate and critical thinking in students and allow school teams work as a cohesive unit to help students succeed, without sacrificing the special disciplinary knowledge and experiences that children educated adults do help.

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Mar 25

6 mantras empowerment, that everyone should try

We already know the incredible benefits of meditation and using a mantra may be a simple, profound (and totally free) way for your practice of meditation and overall life. These mantras are designed to help you harness the potential of your mind and make your self-esteem and happiness, believes more abundant and easier access.


There are a lot of myths behind the singing, but it is widely believed that more you sing and repeat a sentence, more it becomes a part of you. Song of a mantra can redefine your self-talk, is why they are used for more serious mental disorders such as anxiety. More you repeat (vocals) the mantra, crop more you your way of thinking to conform to it, replacing the old negative message used to repeat in your head with the more positive news.


These mantras are especially powerful to live your best life.Their song internally or aloud for 5 to 20 minutes per day. If you can not do full five minutes, start with two minutes and finish with 2-3 minutes later the same day.

Continue the positivity: pin, turn their place around your mirror bathroom or office or make your background iPhone when you check the time, you see them as a sweet little yourself love letter.

These mantras are part of a challenge to Mantra 11 days; You can find the complete series here.

Andrs Nieto Porras (modified) Svartifoss (source) (license)

I have everything I need
I have the power to love, to heal and to grow. I need nothing else. I’m not through worldly possessions or the affection of others. I exist to give rather than take. My love is infinite, so I give it freely without the need for reimbursement. Least I own, I am more free.

Photo: 165 by Mitya Ku (modified) | (source)(license)
I choose to be happy
I do not wait for the happiness to find me. I cultivate the happiness and love and express it outwardly, even when faced with fear. I have the power to breast let me my happiness and joy shine outwards, unlocked by the uncertainty.
You can learn more on how choose happiness even your darkest moments in this article.

Mar 24

3 ways to pay your mortgage faster

By Jonathan Roisman,

There are many advantages for your mortgage more quickly paid. To save money on interest, the tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a loan can be. If you just your mortgage of faster numbers, you will be able to use the additional money for quite a few other useful things such as using it the early retirement to go, travel the world, do you finance your children or grandchildren’s education to or leaving family, friends and charities. Here are the tactics that you can use to pay down your mortgage faster.

1 bi-weekly numbers

It may be not how much variety, but it is a big advantage when the payment the payment every other week instead of the full payment each month half. If you are on a monthly payment plan you make 12 payments per year.With the bi-weekly schedule, the 26 do you (since there are 52 weeks in the year) partial payments in one year or equivalent 13 months in a calendar year. Without even factoring in the interest you save, will pay off your home in at least two and a half years earlier over the life of a 30-year mortgage. Although you can make extra payments toward the principal on your own, it is payment plan best, if you are setting this with your bank, the payments are applied as your regular payment. That puts many banks free of charge, although some free of charge. Fortunately, it is usually relatively easy to this payment plan with the Bank itself set.

2. concentrate your savings to pay your mortgage

This sounds not exciting, but if you think that to pay an additional $100 per month on your mortgage can be found, save thousands of dollars of interest payments of the life of the loan, as well as faster debt – in some cases years faster.Another way to pay more each month shall be rounded. You say your mortgage $1.760 / month. Pay $1,800 a month instead. It is likely that your brain is already, rounding, so is it wise, just add the money you already mentally every time are deducted, you pay. It is important that sure your extra money is going to the payment to the contracting authority, and having it not next month payment – will be credited you will not save on interest on this way.

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Mar 24

Why invest in kids is good for business

The evidence is clear.

Extensive and long-term positive impact on the growth and development of our children has investments in early childhood education and quality child care. We know by the most persuasive kinds of research and data, more than 90 percent of the brain development between the birth of a child and the time that they are five years old and so many lives to influence outcomes and determined in those precious early years.

We know that the level of education of the people in the long term improve investments in early childhood education and is used to perform better and better economic future. These realities show us without the shadow of a doubt, that if children behind start, they so often left behind, and very much in her life trajectory and ability are limited, to become contributing members of their community.

Despite these facts, we have as society does not adequately respond to this reality by the policies and priorities, which we in this country to promote. And as President Obama mentioned in his last State of the Union speech, “it is time that we stop child care as a side issue or a women’s issue and treat you like the national economic priority which is there for all of us.”

These realities to not only do me trouble like a new father 10-month-old twins, like all parents want the best for their children. or as a community of Member, who too often see the struggles of families who do not pay for the quality care that require their children to be successful; or represented as a social justice who believes socio-economic background in equal opportunities regardless of one person. I’m also troubled as a local elected leader, sees the costs and negative effects significantly, to demonstrate that, if we make adequate and early investment in our children in our communities.

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Mar 24

Starting the conversation about what we are thankful for

Gratitude has always been one of the most powerful emotions for me. And it is no coincidence that “grace” and “gratitude” have the same root Latin, “gratus”. Whenever we are in a stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off mentality, we can remember that there is another way and open ourselves to the grace. And often begins with take a moment to thank this day, to be alive, for nothing.

So I am pleased to announce HuffPost gratitude, a new section in collaboration with American Greetings, with stories that illuminate the transformative power of gratitude to bring a needed dose of perspective to our lives. We hope HuffPost gratitude will be a place to share not only stories but tools and tips that can help each one of us take our own gratitude so that it can make our lives and the lives of others, more significant and more satisfying.That is why we are kicking off the new section with a series around the theme “what I am more grateful for.”

As for me, what I am most grateful is the people in my life, including those who are no longer here. I am thankful for my mother, whose favorite saying: “Do not miss the moment,” was the very embodiment of gratitude. For my daughters, Christina and Isabella and my sister Agapi, lifetime members of what I call my tribe prosper, who are always there for me, whether you succeed or fail. For each Member of our growing family of international HuffPost, now in 13 countries around the world, with more on the way. And to all the people I’ve known as I’ve gone around the world last year, of all ages and from all walks of life, who come to take account that there is more life climbing the ladder, we are more than our curriculum and we have in our power to live our lives with more meaning and more purpose.

Flexing muscles gratitude and taking even a moment every day intentionally focusing on what you appreciate, we can begin to see immediate results. My daughter that Christina found tremendous during your recovery from addiction value by making a list of all that was grateful that day and share it with three friends, who, in turn, by e-mail your gratitude lists every night. And it has followed this practice to this day. The clinical psychologist Oxford Mark Williams suggests the “exercise of gratitude ten fingers,” whereby once a day which you list 10 things that you appreciate and count them on your fingers.

Mar 23

Ed o’ Bannon takes even more attitude for the compensation of the NCAA player

Ed O’Bannon has long been a vocal proponent for payment of players to football and men’s basketball to the NCAA for turnover made the flight of their images and their similarities. But now the former UCLA basketball has added something else to its list of gifts for current players: compensation to be fair on these teams.

O’Bannon, who was named the player most outstanding NCAA tournaments during the championship season 1995 Bruins, told The Huffington Post last week that its position on the payment of players has evolved.

In July 2009, O’Bannon has filed a lawsuit against the NCAA on behalf of former players, arguing that players should be compensated in some form whenever their images and likenesses are used – for example, in advertisements or video games. But so far, he has not taken a strong knowledge position whether players should be paid as adios sudor are employed by the NCAA or its member institutions.

“Initially, I wasn’t necessarily against players getting paid, but I was in to control your likeness,” he said. “[Now] I believe that [pay athletes to the NCAA as employees] is quite possible – within reasonable limits.”

O’Bannon said that hes hes not request not huge pay days for student-athletes, but said he thinks that players should carry sufficient to simple pleasures who already have many middle and upper class students.

“I said a million times that players are not asking millions of dollars per year”, he said. “Just a few dollars to take their girlfriends to dinner and a movie.”

Most Americans disagree with payment of players, according to a February survey HuffPost/YouGov. Of those interviewed, only 30% said that adios sudor support the idea of universities paying student-athletes in a form any. Forty – four percent declare themselves against it.

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Mar 23

Sports College and March Madness

The recent scandal involving the basketball team at Syracuse University came as a personal
disappointment for me given that I followed for nearly 40 years varsity sports Syracuse in upstate New York. Is an area where Syracuse University Sports are the high-profile Collegiate event. Taught at SUNY, Cortland who has an outstanding three sport Division program. But if a loyal follower of the Cortland red Dragons, might also cheer on the orange of Syracuse, on television and at “The Dome” and enjoyed watching them in national tournament almost every March.

I coach Jim Boeheim at Syracuse estimated from the time before coached the team in the 1970s and became one of the winningest coaches in Division 1 basketball. He always admired for his intelligence, resourcefulness and low-key style. With remarkable consistency produced winning teams even at times when there were few exceptional players to work with him.His teams won a national championship and came in a minute to win a second.

But the recent revelations about infringements on cited by the NCAA does not really surprise me even though I’m disappointed that now has tarnished the reputation of that Boeheim. After being a lecturer at the school of lll Division, created over the years how difficult it was for any more students of medium capacity put in the required hours of practice and still continue with their studies.

At SUNY, Cortland, with a highly desirable and selective physical education program and other specialties in that area of study, I found that many of the students who were PE Majors and took my English Department courses were highly motivated, conscientious and dedicated to their studies.I’ve always been proud of the selective recruitment of SUNY, Cortland athletes who had what it took to be successful both on the field and in the classroom and they were lured by a scholarship from a division team lll, the school has none to offer.

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