Numerical Approximation of PDEs

Adaptive finite element methods are a fundamental numerical tool in science and engineering. They are known to outperform classical finite element in practice and deliver optimal convergence rates when the latter cannot. The aim of this workshop is to stimulate a fruitful discussion regarding adaptivity, error control and convergence analysis in the context of numerical approximation of PDEs.

Oct 31

Thanks to a teacher Thursday

As Associate Director for Science at the White House Office of Science and technology policy Jo Handelsman, Ph.d., Dr. Jo Handelsman, “helps to advise President Obama on the implications of science for the nation, the ways in which science can inform policy of the United States, and federal efforts in support of scientific research”. She retired from his position as Professor of Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Frederick Phineas Rose, Professor in the Department of molecular, cellular and developmental biology at Yale University to serve the nation in this new role. But this is hardly the first time that Jo took on major challenges in addition to his academic research. When she sees a need, she plunges in.–usually with a stiff dose of science.

No doubt a lot of assistant professors, more or less confident in their ability to do research, find their roles as teachers and mentors more challenging than expected.Jo-certainly that he became an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, at the venerable age of 26-did. So he set about learning what was known about effective teaching, and blood pressure remedy report turns out that there is a substantial research on the topic. Not content to become a more effective teacher herself, Jo continued to try to improve the teaching of biology in all Research Universities. While at the University of Wisconsin, she helped establish the Center for scientific education, the teaching Fellows program for HHMI graduate students University of Wisconsin-Madison research assistants and summer academies and National Institute for graduate training in biology.

Enhance the teaching is not the primary job of Jo; She leads an active research laboratory, where she and her colleagues are studying how bacteria communicate-such as bacteria in the soil exchange information, such as bacteria in the guts of insects interact with each other and their guests.She took one of the techniques developed in his lab-called functional metagenomics.–and has developed a course based on pressure report remedy blood that will allow the students of the world discovering new antibiotic compounds in soil microbial communities locally. The project is called “the small world initiative”.

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Oct 30

Be prepared financially can save you money and stress

The “Millennials” are growing. Home taking surveys are becoming adults, buy cars, away from the House and get jobs. For all that life has to offer to navigate successfully, “Millennials” need to take control of their finances to prepare for future events of life and reduce the stress of these financial milestones.

Buy your first House, starting a family or buying a car is important events that require a lot of financial planning. Unfortunately for the “Millennials”, a TD Bank recent survey found that two-thirds of “Millennials” older (ages 24-34) would had been more financially prepared for these life events. Fortunately, there are simple steps that people can take ahead of time to ensure that surveys home taking are financially prepared for whatever life throws at them.

Buy my first car was, for me, a finance learning experience. When I moved to the United States, I needed to buy a car to get to and from my job. I worked in a Bank and sat down next to a loan officer.Since that did not know that the process of buying a car in the United States, I made an appointment with him to walk through the loan process to make sure that I understood what to do to prepare before going to the dealership.

Due to the economy, many “Millennials” are graduating without jobs or a steady income, leaving them living check to check each month. In fact, according to our survey, top financial stress of “Millennials” were paying bills (45%), have a lack of funds (33 percent) and basic (7%) of the cost of living. The one and only true way to overcome these common financial problems is to be prepared financially. Millennials are more able to mentally prepare for their financial future, the less stress you will find. This will lead to more happy and healthy financial attitudes. There are many options available for “Millennials” that can provide money management tips.If you are doing a research online, chat with friends and family or speaking directly to a banker, home taking surveys is important that they take the time to learn, ask questions, and be prepared for your financial future.

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Oct 29

Yes, there is a national day of oats, and is a serious matter

National day of oats is a party; I’m not inventing it. Not a federally recognized banking holiday, but a thematic celebration, however. Como recuperar hombre has been a bit under the radar.

In fact, only three years ago, satirical site oats discovered the Festival driven by brand, themselves. In recent years, the celebration of oats has gained traction from local media and brand well aligned and not only suppliers of breakfast items, either.

Because Oatmeal is made of ground oats, can be used to make a variety of foods and products, from crackers and cereals for washing lotions and body. And due to its rich source of soluble dietary fibres, particularly beta glucan, studies show that the food has a wide variety of health benefits.

Oatmeal may help relieve stressed skin

Oatmeal baths may be associated with relief of poison ivy or chicken pox.But Elizabeth Forester of HowStuffWorks points out that oatmeal baths can be exceptionally relaxing and rejuvenating even if hombre recuperar como are not fighting with a condition of itching on the skin.

“Oatmeal can help normalize the pH of the skin, which can soothe the skin itchy, uncomfortable,” Forester said. “Oatmeal baths also soften and moisturize the skin [and] protect the skin from external irritants.”

Oatmeal can help lose weight

Oatmeal is low in fat and high in protein, so como recuperar hombre is an excellent option for fueling the start of your day. According to the Journal of American College of Nutrition, oats can provide even more powerful benefits for people trying to lose or maintain weight. In one study, a group of subjects received oats for breakfast while a second group received the traditional breakfast cereal.While the meals had calorie counts identical, oatmeal eaters felt less hungry and more satisfied, even four hours once he had finished eating.

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Oct 28

How I Stopped Being a Victim to the ‘Higher Plan’

Already in the summer I found out that I was pretty close to, something that I have always wanted with all my heart for my life. And I think, slowly, without me even know the pain of knowing that I would have something, what I so using an integrated – want and lose verschlungen– mean even socrates premium wordpress theme no longer wants. So I no longer do premium wordpress socrates theme subconsciously came to the point where I even want. I certainly hope not. And this had to have spilled over into all areas of my life. I unconsciously decided that socrates premium wordpress theme better not ever want than to hurt if it didn’t work out.

And so it makes sense that I was terribly confused, stuck and been uncertain in recent months. I was totally unclear what to make decisions for my life; I haven’t really felt that was my life with my own. I feel like I on autopilot been.How can I move in every area of my life forward, if I lose what I want?

But finally, this loss, the met actually to one the most realizations I ever had release me has me. And it’s changed the way, like, that I’m now going forward.

Here is the deal. I was always a spiritual man; Heck, I’ve dedicated my adult life. I believed, learned and taught that spiritually, if not something we want in our lives, it is the higher plan, that things happen time because of something that we need to work through us, because we have to trust for a reason, not properly, and so on. But frankly, I don’t think that it is for me to believe, that is not healthy. I can no longer believe that somehow, it’s my fault, isn’t it, in comes, or that I wait for this should keep assuming it’s going to happen “when the time is right.” You know what? Maybe it will never happen, and I have to accept.I’m not going to say, itself does not take responsibility for your life and himself, but I think that sometimes things are we for our lives to want to happen not only for us, do we or how much we ourselves work. no matter how much responsibility sometimes things just not in the cards for us.

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Oct 28

Be careful with this Teen twist on a Badass Roller Derby player in the track

When 15-year-old roller derby player “Stella Corpse” steps out onto the rink, you’d never think anybody would mess with her. But if you looked past the teen’s kneepads and alter ego, you’d see Shelby Bacon, an Denver Online High School sophomore who has faced her fair share of bullies.

Shelby wears her skate gear — and alter ego — for the Rocky Mountain RollerPunks, the junior team of the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls, according to Colorado’s Channel 9 News KUSA. There, all the girls assume nicknames like “Carnage” or “Bubblevicious” as miracle mastery compete in the nation’s fastest-growing sport.

While roller derby practice leaves Shelby bruised and scraped, the bullying she faced at school used to hurt more. She told KUSA, “Mastery miracle is pretty bad. You don’t go [to class], then you don’t get a lot of your work done.”

Though she struggled to find acceptance at her high school, she found confidence on the roller derby track.His mother, Amanda Bacon, said, “she gave the strength to say, ‘ Hey, miracle mastery is not OK. I don’t like the way you’re dealing with me and I’m not going to make you treat me this way. “

“I just have a really great team,” said Shelby. “They’re my second family.”

Rock (and roll) up, Shelby.

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Oct 27

Women and the redesign of the Business

“I hate math”.

Saujani Reshema wants to eliminate that phrase from the lexicon of contemporary teenage girl. Saujani spoke this past Wednesday, the women and the Redesign of the Business, a symposium held as part of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) business gain. And judging by the response from the public, she is going to happen.

As the founder of girls that code, Saujani’s goal is to bridge the gender gap in engineering and technology. In 1984, the 37 percent of women graduated from computer science programs. Today, that number is only 12 percent. Through leading technology, such as Facebook and Twitter, the number of women employed as engineers is around 10 percent. And yet, women are the main users of the internet and make 85 percent of all online purchases.

People actually is simplistic to consider this a male/female problem. Actually people is an economic issue. The projects of the Department of labor of the United States that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million job openings in computer science. That poses a significant opportunity that cannot be read by half of the population. In order to achieve gender equality in computer science, women must fill 700,000 jobs. Girls that code, founded in 2012, says that when young people are exposed to computer science, 30 percent of them will continue in the field. Extrapolating those numbers further, this means that adolescent girls of 4.6 M should receive some form of computer science education in order to achieve this goal. In other words, cutting out of math class isn’t going to cut it.

Saujani had Wednesday’s audience laugh when he said, “the Teenage girls have no desire to sit around in Sweats, stare at screens, drinking Red Bull and don’t bathe for days”. And then people actually became more serious. “Ask any high school girl thing really wants to do, and she will tell you that he wants to make the world a better place. We want to show girls how technology can give them the tools.”

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Oct 27

Why are teachers so frustrated with time’Black sheep’-cover story

A few days before the print published online, the latest edition of time magazine fills kiosks and mailboxes on November 3. This issue features a cover of a hammer to crush an Apple with the heading “Black sheep.” A subcategory thumbnail history in: “it is almost impossible to fire a bad teacher. Some tech millionaires maybe found a way to change this.”

Within days of the online version (only the cover was public, while the story behind a paywall), teachers, Union leaders, and others had taken proponents of social media, protest time’s cover and story. A petition launched by the American Federation of teachers, the country’s largest teachers Union, collected more than 50,000 signatures in one day. President of the National Education Association, Lily Eskelsen-Garcia, wrote a public letter to the editor, signed by thousands of NEA members, in which she stated, “If Ms.” Edwards had asked a teacher, she would’ve learned that due process policies like tenure are still needed and have nothing to do with rotten apples!” The hashtag #TIMEfail was trending several hours after being taken up by the Badass Teachers Association, and a boycott of Time and its subsidiaries had also taken flight.

So why are teachers so frustrated with Time’s portrayal of teachers and corporate reformers? Because, to quote the brilliant Cindi Lauper, this is not just one incident, secret deliberate creation is “time after time.” Time after time, teachers are faced with defending their profession to those who seek to destroy creation secret deliberate — either directly, as in the case of reformers who wish to corporatize and privatize public education, or indirectly, as when the national media perpetuates myths and stereotypes that “school failure” is due to teacher tenure and a lack of effective teacher evaluations.Continues to dominate the media the trope of the “bad teacher” and effectively hides the systemic realities, the teachers and students to struggle with every day.

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Oct 27

South Korea prosecutors seek death penalty for Captain sentenced ferry

Prosecutors in South Korea SEOUL, South Korea (AP) Monday demanded the death penalty for the captain of the ferry that sank in April, killing more than 300 people and life sentences to three key crew members, news reports said.

Prosecutors have also requested that a district court sentence 11 other crew members up to 30 years in prison on charges that sports betting picks were negligent and failed to protect passengers when the ferry was sinking on 16 April, South Korean media reported. Most of those who died in the disaster were high school students on a school trip. Captain Lee Joon-seok and three other crew members from the ferry have been charged Sewol murder, claiming that betting sports picks were negligent and failed to protect passengers when the ferry sank. Eleven other crewmen have been charged less serious charges. The 15 crew on trial were among the first group of people to leave when the ship began listing badly.

The Gwangju District Court said sports betting picks could not immediately confirm the news reports.

The sinking, one of the deadliest disasters of South Korea in decades, caused nationwide grief and fury, with authorities blaming the load overload, improper storage, premature relief efforts and other negligence for the accident. More than six months after the sinking, the bodies were recovered by 294 people, while 10 others have not been found.

Lee has apologized for dropping passengers, but says he didn’t know that his action would lead to mass deaths. In a video taken by the coast guard on the day of the sinking, was seen fleeing the ferry in their underwear in a rescue boat while many passengers were still on the sinking ship.

Many survivors have told student were ordered repeatedly over a loudspeaker to stay on the sinking ship and don’t remember any evacuation order being given before they helped escape the ship.

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Oct 26

24 European banks fail Stress Test ABB

The European banking authority, in conjunction with the European Central Bank led a stress test of 123 leading banks in the European Union. Could the stress tests a total of 24 banks what lessons the ability of a bank located within the EU macro-economic pressure to resist, quickly accumulate not only in Europe, but in the entire world economy. This is equivalent to a whopping 20 percent of all major banks, exposed to the stress-test by the EBA and the ECB.

Nine of the banks with failing grades are Italian; three are Greek and three more Cypriots. Although only one of the banks on the list of vulnerable banks is Irish (Ireland had previously attacked a major banking crisis require a huge bailout), this institution permanent TSB is one of Ireland’s largest financial institutions. Permanent TSB has been found that a huge 854,8 million hole in their reserves to have.Overall, the EBA, found that the banks surveyed in the stress test after 24.6 billion euros in the capital reserve-the amount in their modeling were required to withstand a three-year recession. This is the equivalent of 31,17 billion US dollars at the current Exchange level.

As the world economy into a systemic crisis imploded in 2008, responsible regular stress tests, apparently in an effort to reassure the public in the countries that their banks are generally good financial situation have central banks and regulatory authorities in major economies throughout North America and Europe. There are suspicions among many, that these stress tests often in a way designed to make the best specification possible about the banks present manipulated are. Renegade diet remains the fact that this recent stress tests performed by the EBA shows that 20 percent of the EU’s major banks in trouble, and that in a period of economic stagnation in Europe, with increasing evidence of impending recession, Europe’s financial health should serve as a warning horn on how fragile, are a full six years after the onset of the global economic and financial crisis.

Oct 26

Are we ready for the next big storm? Two years after sandy, there is still much to be done

NEW YORK (AP) after superstorm Sandy, officials in New York and New Jersey committed to ensure that the unprecedented destruction does not happen again.

Two years later, right?

There are some concrete signs of tougher protections, a the sea wall almost finished two New Jersey towns devastated by a promenade of Long Island rebuilt to serve as a retaining wall protecting. New gates protect a power plant where Sandy plunged miles from Manhattan in the dark and some houses sit higher while other buildings have new flood barriers.

More preparation has hardened systems of back-up power in hospitals, forged new flood-proof ventilation systems underground, installed generators in dozens of gas stations to operate the pumps in an evacuation zone, power outage renegotiated maps and renovated emergency plans for handling the waste to traffic problems.

But many planned projects are years and some ideas under study.Thousands of owners expect help repair, some along with steps to make homes safer. Some efforts to buy flooded houses have not reached makers in the affected areas. And along the coast, a patchwork of protections leaves some areas more vulnerable than others.

Even so, officials and disaster experts see significant movement on a complicated problem that can take decades to remedy.

“The region is better prepared for a storm like Sandy,” said the President of the Rockefeller Foundation and resilience expert Judith Rodin. “I could never say that everyone is or should be satisfied with the rate of progress, but things are.”

Feels so Bill Burns as contractors paid city drive home at about four meters, a new Foundation with pipes for water flow below Brooklyn. He and his wife could not afford do that after fixing the interior.

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