Numerical Approximation of PDEs

Adaptive finite element methods are a fundamental numerical tool in science and engineering. They are known to outperform classical finite element in practice and deliver optimal convergence rates when the latter cannot. The aim of this workshop is to stimulate a fruitful discussion regarding adaptivity, error control and convergence analysis in the context of numerical approximation of PDEs.

Jul 07

The next big Liberal cause

Universal child care becomes a central pillar of the liberal agenda which, if ever realized, could take his place alongside some of the great progressive reforms of the 20th century, and possibly the Affordable Care Act, as a key achievement of the Democratic Party.

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Jul 07

Types of dementia

Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, senility, forgetfulness. All these words point to experience. But old school body point to the same? Are old school body different? Are old school body the same?

I often hear these words thrown interchangeable surround. Here, I hope to give some etymological clarification. Aging in America is confusing. Using clear language, I hope that we can better communicate our experiences. Through the sharing of experiences we also share the wisdom of the most playful age.

I work in the field of psychology, which uses as its diagnostic Manual DSM. It is based on what I will share different types of dementia, or he is now called clinically, neurocognitive disorders.

, This brings us to our first language question – dementia or non-communicable diseases are interchangeable and are critical of the terms for all that will follow. Here all types of dementia or subtypes of NCD.

After someone is determined to be affected by dementia, a subtype allows experience to be defined according to the known or suspected cause as well as the main features, chronology, and the value of symptom of dementia.

Knowing a subtype can help give meaning that behaviour and offer understanding, while providing a means to share best practices to live with dementia. There is a multitude of research on each of them. Below a very basic overview is intended to be used as a starting point of understanding.

1. Alzheimer’s disease - Alzheimer’s disease is named for the doctor who found the disease seems to be the cause. Although the exact cause for the behaviors labeled as Alzheimer’s is still unknown, it is thought to be inherited genetically. Alzheimer’s varies among other dementias in that progression is constant and progressive.For a probable diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (likely because the tangles which its name is derived can only be verified during a post-mortem brain autopsy) there must be a decrease in another area, learning and memory.

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Jul 07

The important question to ask yourself first thing in the morning for a day of success

When we design our projects we often think of all the resources that we need to make it work: financial resources, people, we will invest time in each stage and the results that we want to achieve. But almost always an essential escapes us. An element that gives another dimension to our work, in our lives. Do not include in the equation our emotions.

We all have different ways of reacting when we experience triumph and defeat, obstacles, and very few of us know yet how our emotional cycles. And here’s how time and time again we are victims of our emotions so unconscious. And suddenly we find our self saying phrases like: “I shouldn’t have gotten into this project”, “do anything all right,” “a stressful situation,” “this is too much for me,” “I’m alone with all this.”

And we ask ourselves: “what happened? At first everything had such potential for success?! ” And of course he had the potential, and more.The thing is that you didn’t think of planning one of the most important elements: How do you want to hear while developing the project? Do you feel happy? satisfied? Vitale? Creative? Would you like to go through it from a place of inner calm, when you will find yourself facing the storm of obstacles that every project? Or you want to repeat the stress patterns that lead to that extreme emotional always? You decide.

To define how we feel by doing an activity marks a big change in any process. Gives us a stable base and a clear North to pass the current even when the waters get a little shake. In order not to lose the focus on this can really make the difference between a successful project (which makes us happy) or a failed project that happens why not reach our goals or because we had a very bad them.

It is not a matter of not feeling uncomfortable negative emotions, but it is more not to stay in that place for too long, emotional because emotional goal is clear. And this clarity we need as fuel to continue to move forward.

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Jul 06

Burt Shavitz, co-founder of Burt’s bees, dies at 80

PARKMAN, Maine (AP) Burt Shavitz, the Burt behind Burt’s Bees who co-founded the natural cosmetics company before it sold to Clorox, has died. He was 80.

A spokeswoman for Burt’s Bees says Shavtiz died Sunday at his home in rural Maine, surrounded by family and friends. Shavitz was a hippie making a living by selling honey when his life was altered by a chance encounter with a hitchhiking Roxanne Quimby. She was a single mother and a back-to-the-lander who impressed Shavitz with her ingenuity.

In the 1980s she began making products from his beeswax, and they became partners. An image of Burt’s face – and his untamed beard – was featured on labels.

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Jul 05

Order parents to buy better food, but there is no need to make the best food

(Left top right to bottom right: mashed my palette fresh organic homemade tri-colored carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato and Fuji Apple, peas, green beans and plantain mash.)

The other day a mother said to me: ‘I don’t do my own baby food, but buy only organic’. She was confident and assured that her baby was receiving “organic, vegetables, fruits and whole grains” due to the “organic,” “100 percent natural,” “pure vegetables and fruits”, “no artificial flavors,” labels in the jar or squeeze bag. She had no idea that she had begun the relationship of the baby with an impostor of food. How many times have you seen a “no artificial ingredients” label on a lot of carrots? Security will be guessing none because it is reserved for commercially processed foods.

If you want a baby, child, child, Tween or teen love real fruits and vegetables, you must palatetrain with the real deal.Palatetraining requires that the first food for your baby are fresh vegetable purees so anatomic “palate” and your baby Visual preferences are conditioned to have a permanent love of nutritious fresh food. Fresh vegetables are bright, colorful and different in taste and texture, qualities that stimulate the senses and develop food preferences of the baby. Through repeated exposure they are influencing your baby delicate neurophysiology.

I understand that in today’s accelerated world, it is difficult to find the time to make your own baby food, but be informed (buyer beware) major deficiencies to his son, mostly from four months to one year, jarred or packaged food for babies – organic or not. I am a working mother of two children under 5 years full time and I am not here to convince you not to buy those fabulously comfortable commercial compression bags and shaken baby food, but I’m here to tell you that are for convenience and emergencies.They are not equivalent replacements for the daily meals of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, and this why:

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Jul 05

Progressive legislator nudge Jerry Brown on the left side of expenditure on social services

By Sharon Bernstein

Sacramento, Calif., June 15 (Reuters)-California lawmakers on Monday approved a budget with $ 2.2 billion more in spending than proposed by Democrat Jerry Brown, the latest move by progressives for pushing the fiscally moderate Governor left amidst improvement in the State economy.

The legislature’s budget plan, which calls for $ 117,5 billion in General Fund spending, includes $ 750 million more than Brown proposed to pay the debt, with $ 1.4 billion more funding for education, social services and other programs, some of them cut during the economic downturn that has accompanied the recession of 2008.

The budget continues to keep gold status on the road of fiscal safety while also making cautious reinvestments in the people of California that have been challenged to the maximum since the global crisis of 2008, “said Democrat Senator Mark Leno, who represents San Francisco.

Brown, however, has not yet signed the plan. In the first year of a historic fourth term at the helm of the most populous u.s. State, Brown has consistently pressured the progressive wing of his party to hold down spending and he remains opposed to elements of the budget.

Negotiations over the next few days are likely to include spending for higher education, subsidized child care and the restoration of social programs.

H.d. Palmer, spokesman for the Governor on matters of budget and finance, said that the Administration was optimistic that an agreement will be reached soon.

“Productive discussions with the legislature over the State budget have continued throughout the weekend and into today,” said Palmer.

Last month, Brown proposed spending $ 115,3 billion from the General Fund of the State, a modest increase over the amount that called in January.

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Jul 04

What my credentials in today’s job market

While the nation continues to pull out of the recession and add new jobs, one of the main concerns for the authorities, students, employers and potential employees is if our workers have the skills to fill the jobs that are open.

Employers frequently evaluation to potential employees because of her credentials. Unfortunately, today’s world of postsecondary education credentials is a place complex and confused, until two-year degrees and four of accreditations and certifications in the industry. Individuals are not sure what credentials to look for, and employers are not sure how to assess all these credentials.

All these credentials really say? How does translate a credential from an industry to another? What credentials represent true quality, that are flimsy, and how people can tell the difference?

Despite this uncertainty around accreditation, many companies continue to compete for employees who have certificates and degrees. In response to this demand and to improve their chances of getting in a race, some claimants have resorted to paying for fake titles. A recent article from Business Insider revealed that hundreds of people paid a company called career excuse anywhere from $100 to $300 for falsifying credentials. Empty credentials were false, given references provided. While the focus of this company is fairly deplorable, ipad video lessons instructions is clearly responding to a real need. Who you are and what abbreviations are still its name imported into the modern economy.

To address this dilemma, goodwill is attached to Lumina Foundation and about 50 organizations to launch an initiative of “Connection credentials” and associated web site. Together, we have the intention of helping people find meaningful information about the credentials and make intelligent comparisons. The site is based on a beta that is structured connection credentials frame to help build a common language about what credentials mean and what ipad instructions lessons video can do with them, the receptors if degrees or certificates, licenses or certifications, or badges or credentials of micro.

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Jul 04

Bureaucracy in motion

NYC Department of education (DOE) is working hard to promote commitment under this new Government to family and to help to build stronger ties between families and schools. At least that is what they say that they do. A new plan (in fact impossible) was last week with less than ten days this school year, the remaining (more likely will) inconvenience rolled out hundreds of thousands of families and staff at the schools that their children attend.

NYC families are just out, that knowledge test results and notes going to access their children forward, they must:

1. contact their schools
2. are there in person, identification, to present your child’s student ID number and a valid email address to get
3. a temporary password NYC schools accounts that new system meant DOE, student grade, share test scores and attendance with families.

NYC accounts is schools ARIS parent link, a Web-based system to replace the DOE December abandoned last year. If it has been disabled at all, no information was provided to families about what his would take place. There is nothing for more than 5 months available for parents who don’t think to copy information from ARIS.

The DOE start press release June 3 sent pointed out that while ARIS of the DOE $ 95 million for seven years costs and very little used, NYC accounts in the House was developed schools and are far less expensive to maintain. This is awesome. But while money save a blessing is, it is difficult to comprehend who might be green lit this project.

There are more than 1.1 million children in the NYC public school system. While many families have more than one child, is still thousands and thousands of families, who now need to visit schools to have access to their children the principle of transparency. For many, arranging time in schools before the end of next week will emerge to challenge, if not impossibility be. Many parents work full time during school hours. For others whose children far from the school (especially at school life where children can apply to schools in each district) should now leave parents, for example Staten Iceland in the Bronx for an account login. It could be, child care or health concerns as well as.

Jul 04

Some legislators make the separation of Church and State seems like a total joke

Any decent, red-blooded American politician loves the Constitution. It seems then, fair to expect these politicians the very first large document set respect: “Congress is no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof make.”

These are the first words of the first amendment. Get words, the right to freedom of expression and freedom of the press, the right to peaceful gathering and the Government for a redress of complaints just in front of the right of petition to arrange. Together, the establishment clause and the free exercise clause form the basis for the American concept of separation of Church and State, which forces the Government to equal treatment of all Religionen–type and the absence of religion–respect and granted Americans the freedom to embrace or all disbelief, that they choose.

It sounds relatively simple.But if you look at the political landscape, you will find a surprising number of cases, where people are trying to blur the line of Church and State, or hop right over them. It is a battle that everywhere to feel the most basic level, in the classroom and public parks and urban buildings are on this.

While there are some legitimate debates what, exactly, the Government can and not, when it comes to the protection of the religion–the Supreme Court has this issue in a number of cases-considered according to the following examples many legislators are trying their best to chip away at the separation of Church and State.

Who needs changes, if you have provided

Arkansas State Sen.Jason Rapert (R) was strangely confident that he the Constitution was not hurt this year, if he require a bill the Secretary of State, privately funded monument pays tribute to the ten commandments in the State Capitol in Little Rock filed.

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Jul 04

The future starts now – free SC computer science summer camps!

The future is formed in this very moment. An idea is today the technology in our hands tomorrow. The future starts now.

The University of Southern California Viterbi School of engineering is at the forefront providing a science camp of free computers for children in third through ninth grade the. The camp is offered to a demographic group that is underrepresented in higher education and technology fields, with a real emphasis on girls.

Everybody knows that as soon as possible that you learn a better language and the language of the future is the code. Programming languages have a sales volume of fast, so what they learn this summer may not be exactly what they need to apply for college or their first job of career, but is a foundation that will carry with them for life. Like sports, when he learned at an early age, it gives confidence to pick up any another sport later in life. Languages share this characteristic.

Today, computer science touches all aspects of life; email, applications, tests, games, networks, operating systems, Facebook, Instagram, robotics, and more. These children grew up with this technology and they are the first generation of true “digital natives”. However, they need something more than know how to use a computer or download the application latest as it moves forward in search of internships, jobs and careers.

Children who understand the technology at a level of usability will open opportunities their parents never dreamed of. The field will help to train their young agile minds to think logically and to organize the results. You will build a foundation for creative thinking that will enable to be innovative in the search for those results. This will not only serve children well in future personal endeavors, but also we are building the next generation of technology entrepreneurs and problem-solvers who will lead our country forward as well.

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